Saturday, December 11, 2010

December? Are You Sure?

~~The calendar says December. The thermometer says it's too cold for January or February. Brrr! Monday and Tuesday will be the coldest yet with lows in the low teens and highs maybe at freezing. Add our colds and sinus infections and you have a horrible mix.
~~Sunday is the day our Angel Tree Gifts are due at church and we are the organizers of this ministry. John suggested it over twenty-five years ago. We get names of needy children from the Carrollton Schools Christmas Sponsorship Program. This year the church is providing gifts for seventy-five children and five adults. The mothers' requests were poignant--flatware, cook books, baking tools, pots and pans. They want to be able to feed their children. John and I are honored and blessed to work with this project every year.
~~On the writing front, I'm doing well. In December I have written 5289 new and reworked words. This includes a comprehensive look at the overarching theme and controlling image of Friendly Fire. To say this is good is an understatement.
~~Book sales have been good. In December, I've been to a family Christmas Party, spoke at Bethel Baptist Church, FBC's Current Events class, and will speak at the Adult I department tomorrow. Add an interview with Spencer Crawford of the Times-Georgian on this coming Wednesday and you have a great sales month. Look for the interview in the "Sunday Living" section of the Times-Georgian on Sunday, December 19.
~~So, enjoy December, freezing temps, snow flurries, gifts, books, good food and family. John and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.


  1. Congrats on the sales and interview, ZM. Hope the sinuses get better, too! Brrrrrr!!

  2. Baby, it's cold outside...but nothing like it will be Monday and Tuesday. Keep warm, Mary.

  3. Congratulations on all you've got going in to December! I must have reached a plateau or something cos now I'm starting to doubt all the first half of my story... And, yes, it's cold out there! -20 or so with the wind. Time to stay home and work on themes and metaphors :-)
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Holy Cats! -10 is about all I've ever experienced. But in GA, that's brutal. We're just not prepared.


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