Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Book Pusher for September: K. Brown, S. Chefalo, D. Gabaldon, K. Lonsdale, P. McLinn, F. North

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Read and Enjoy!

COME AWAY WITH ME Karma Brown: Women's Fiction

This vivid exploration of love and grief will make you cry, but it's worth all the tears in the end because the resulting life is more valuable than the journey.

GARBAGEBAG SUITCASE Shenandoah Chefalo: Memoir

This harrowing memoir is also helpful. Chefalo has some amazing suggestions for fixing out disaster of a foster care system. Her personal experience make them all the more important to consider.

OUTLANDER Diana Gabaldon: Historical fiction with elements of romance, SF, and adventure

Here's the book that started it all--over 12 books and a TV show. If you haven't read OUTLANDER, you should correct that now. Gabaldon's amazing universe will draw you in and keep you coming back for more.

EVERYTHING WE KEEP Kerry Lonsdale: Women's Fiction

This amazing, twisting suspense will keep you turning pages and guessing wrong. What a ride! Must read!

LAST DITCH Patricia McLinn: Mystery (Caught Dead in Wyoming #4)

Last Ditch is deliciously twisty--and it's not just the whodunit that's in play. Great characters and sharp writing are hallmarks of a McLinn mystery.

THE TURNING POINT Freya North: Women's Fiction

This is a beautiful story of deep love and longing. What love truly means and how its absence hurts is key. Go slow and savor the shifts in POV, but it's so worth the read.

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