Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August: 4 Mini Book Reviews: L. N. Diamond, T. A. Forkner, J. Keim, L. McNeill

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I just know some of you are still at the beach and need a few books to read. ;-)

SHELTER US Laura Nicole Diamond: Women's Ficiton

This story is an emotional roller coaster that follows a mother's journey into the black heart of grief for her baby girl. You keep turning the pages into the night, but the dawn is more than worth the ride.

 WAKING UP JOY Tina Ann Forkner: Women's Fiction

Full of magic and mystery, pain and fear--and best of all--redemption.


When life served up a nasty divorce and joblessness, Anne Rutherford discovered a new life in Florida, a new business, and love.

CENTER OF GRAVITY Laura McNeill: Women's Fiction

Excellent! Must Read! This page-turner grips you from page one with stellar writing and a powerful First Person POV. It tells the story of Ava, Jack, and Mitchell. Ava must grow into the super hero her sons need.

Next Week: The August Author Interview is Laura McNeill! Come on back to The Shade for a treat.