Tuesday, June 23, 2015

4 Mini Book Reviews: June Part 3--K. Craft, K.C. Dyer, D. Gabaldon, D. Webb

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As promised, here's the third mini book review for June. Happy Reading!

THE FAR END OF HAPPY Kathryn Craft: Women's Fiction

Craft shows the dissolution of a marriage that is challenged by the emotional illness of the husband. Finding the heart and soul of Ronnie Farnham is the key to understanding the gut-wrenching story. Most excellent story of truth and a Must Read.

FINDING FRASER K.C. Dyer: Humorous Romance

You simply Must Read this warm and witty book of a young woman's search of the Scottish highlands for her very own Jamie Fraser. Dyer's voice is infectious, winning, and just plain fun! 

AN ECHO IN THE BONE Diana Gabaldon: Historical Fiction (with a bit of time travel thrown in for good measure)

Amazing. Astounding. Marvelous. Diana Gabaldon is golden. If you haven't read the entire series or just OUTLANDER, you're going to be sorry with the STARZ production of OUTLANDER gets nominated for Emmies. Go buy her books *now*! ;-D

YOU'LL BE THINKING OF ME Densie Webb: Women's Fiction

Webb has a great command of POV and deploys it to produce a deep dive into the psyche of a stalker and those who are stalked. Intense Read

Next Week: Another IWSG Post! Hope your summer is going great!