Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July Links!

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Note to readers: My second cataract surgery is planned for tomorrow. I'll be back around as soon as my eye settles.

I've got a bumper crop of links for you this month. Enjoy!

Elissa Altman shares "Writing and the Permission to Succeed." We all need this one!

Jacqueline Mitchard shares "8 Practical Tips to Avoid too Much Plot in Your Novel."

Donald Maass explains "What Makes Fiction Literary: Scenes versus Postcards."

Abby Geni has some tips on "Description" for us.

Marta Sprout has advice "On Writing Crime Scenes."

Katie Rose Guest Pryal shares how to "Write Around Your Dialogue."

"So, How Do You Know If You're a Good Writer?" comes from Janet Reid of Query Shark fame.

Answers to Vexing Questions:
Ronovan shares some info graphics on "Why Readers Stop Reading" that are eye-opening.

Next Week: On Thursday, July 21, I'm presenting to a book club my take on "What Is Women's Fiction?".  I'll report on how it goes.