Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Poem and an Update on FRIENDLY FIRE

I'm enjoying sharing my poetry on the snips and poetry weeks here In the Shade. Since my focus is on fiction at the moment, poetry is an occasional occupation for me. The poem has to jump out of my brain and demand to be written to get my attention. Here's one that will probably find itself in the fourth Cherry Hill book...if I ever get to it. ;-) It came to me in bits and pieces in a dream. I could hear it said by a particular character from my Cherry Hill stories. Talk about being eery!


A China Cup

A china cup—chipped,
A garden trowel—bent,
A measuring spoon—dented.
All too small, too fragile
To hold a life well lived.

Her portrait on the wall,
Her books waiting to be read,
Her appointments abandoned.
All too empty, too cold,
Because she is gone.

And so is he.
His shared life—
Beyond repair.


I'm starting a new push to get this story finished. There's 349 double-spaced pages in my compiled print out.  If I edit, rewrite, plug holes at a rate of 2.3 pages a day, I'll finish by December 31. Wish me luck! ;-) I've already dealt with 78 pages.

Next Week: Tips Week--Story Structure