Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Book Pusher--April 2018

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I have a long, lovely list for you. You'll find at least one that draws you in...or two, or three. What the heck! Just read them all!!! ;-)

SAVANNAH BLUES Mary Kay Andrews: Humorous WF/Romance mix

This is cute, quick, and totally hilarious! When you find a joyous read with adorable characters and twisty plots, you have to enjoy.

THE LILAC BOUQUET Carolyn Brown: Multi-generational Women's Fiction 

When an author has the voice and culture of a place down to the core, their stories will stir your heart and open your eyes. This is an A++ Read.

PALADIAN OF SOULS Lois McMaster Bujold: Fantasy

This is a must read for the 3-D characters who portray what heroic really means and a universe that is as multidimensional as the people in it. This is a fantasy and the sequel to The Curse of Chalion. Read Curse first.

THE CAFE BY THE SEA Jenny Colgan: Women's Fiction/Romance

This is charming, funny, and poignant in turns. Colgan creates a story of depth and feeling on the shores of the Scottish Islands.

IF I STAY/WHERE SHE WENT Gayle Foreman: Literary

An intimate exploration of how love, grief, and music can build a person up and tear them down. Good Read.

SAY GOODBYE FOR NOW Catherine Ryan Hyde: Women's Fiction

When a deep truth is shown through lives of rich characters, you have Hyde's story of love and loyalty. Beautiful Story.

STILL ME Jojo Moyes: Women's Fiction

What a perfect ending to Moyes' trilogy of Louisa Clark. There are readers who think books #2 and #3 are unnecessary, but I disagree. Louisa's story isn't complete until you finish the final installment. Now, get to reading!

THE SPARROW  Mary Doria Russell: Literary SF

With this masterful story of mission, love, and heartache, Russell, introduces us to one of the most endearing and exasperating characters ever. Emilio Sandoz's journey is fabulous and deep. Must read NOW!

LAST CALL TL Watson: Romance

Watson continues to entertain with red-hot stories about intriguing people. Blake and Gwen will win you over and teach you about love. This is a Must Read

THE PROMISE BETWEEN US Barbara Claypole White: Women's Fiction

Anxiety disorders are cruel taskmasters and Claypole White has created a cast of deep characters you will love and cheer for. This is by far her best book yet.

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