Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fifith Tuesday Surprise!

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Since Sunday April 5 is Easter, the most holy of all days for Christians, I thought I'd give you a taste of my Easter poetry from An Easter Walk, copyright 2009. Enjoy!
(Both of my devotionals are available as ebooks at Amazon.com.)

During His Easter Walk

He found
    No kingdom of men,
        But of Heaven.
    No gold for a crown,
        But thorns.
    No bone was broken,
        But a heart.
    He saved other,
        But not himself.
He gave
    Us the solemn sacrifice
    Of Christ,
    Savior of our souls
    Giver of life.


During Your Easter Walk

Have you experienced the Living Lord?
    Seen the Cross?
    Been to the tomb?
    Felt His scars?
    Seen the storm pass?
    Felt the earth tremble?
    Been filled with joy?
    Felt faith take flight?
    Your soul filled with calm assurance?

During your Easter walk,
May you come to the Cross
And see for yourself—
He lives!

May your Easter be blessed and your walk always with Him.