Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New! Improved! Take a Look at the Shade!

The Shade has had a make over and I hope you'll enjoy it. All of the pages are have had a major renovation. Here's the guided tour.
  • About--This page was serious, earnest, and (I'll admit it) a bit dull. Now it's got a bit of humor and a few photos. Though you might wish you didn't know some of those things about me. ;-)
  • Blog--I'll go into more detail below.
  • Books--Check them out. They're all there! ;-)
  • Works in Progress--I've mapped out the Cherry Hill Trilogy. This is my main focus right now. When I get these three done, I'll let you in on what's coming next. 
  • Contact Me!--I ditched the photo page and spread the photos throughout. (I promise the pups approved the use of their likenesses.) In the place of the photo page, you'll find the Contact Me! page that puts all the ways to connect with me in one place. 
So, take time to walk through the Shade and let me know what you think. ;-)


And now, the most important part of the redo is the blog. I'll keep posting on Tuesdays, but  there will be a focused emphasis for each day of the month.
  • First Tuesday--will be a snip of Friendly Fire, a poem, or other things I've written. I grave any feedback on these you want to share.
  • Second Tuesday--will focus on the Nuts and Bolts of craft and will include nifty links, processes, and methods of creativity.
  • Third Tuesday--will be the return of the Mini Book Reviews that so many of you enjoyed in the past. I hope I can share some good books for you to check out. 
  • Fourth Tuesday--Author Interviews will start back with Elle Druskin on the fourth Tuesday of June. I promise her humorous contemporary romances are delightful. Many are set in the best little town of New Jersey--Liberty Heights
  • Fifth Tuesday--When there's a fifth Tuesday (July!) I'll share whatever strikes my fancy. You'll just have to wait to see if it's the pups' latest escapades or new pictures of the garden. How do some of Laura Grace's recipes sound? Yum. ;-)

The rest of May will be a surprise! I've got a few things you might be interested in. So, settle back in the Shade and enjoy your stay!