Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mini-Reviews II, NaNo Round-Up, and Breaking News

This week I wanted to share some mini-reviews, so you can create your Christmas wishlist with some books I know you'll love. ; )

Memoir that the PBS series is based on. The heartbreaking truth about the life in East End London in the 1950's is told with wit, feeling, and care.

HAND ME DOWN Melanie Thorne
Intense story of an abused child. You won't forget this story and if you care for children, it will be a wake-up call. Must Read

The mystery at the heart of Kate Morton's book unfolds into multiple layers. You'll be guessing until the end. Must Read

THE RIVER WITCH Kimberly Brock
Complex story full of wonderful symbolism and beautiful imagery that weaves mysticism and reality with a great story. Must Read.

THE UNDERSIDE OF JOY Sere Prince Halverson
Intense story about mothers and stepmothers. Good read. (Warning: You'll need a box of tissue. ; )
The main character Ella Beane is wonderfully complex and Halverson has a sure hand with back story. The plot rips along.

Christian women's fiction--good story that takes on how faith can become twisted by ego. Good read

NaNo Round-Up
My final NaNo total was 15,013. I'm thrilled, happy, and can't wait to dig into these words for a bit of editing.

Breaking News
If you haven't heard yet, Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting! For those of us who enjoy watching Britain's Royal Family, it's great news.