Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Book Pusher: March Mini Book Reviews: V. Diffenbaugh, J. Johnson, J. Moyes, L. Thomas

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THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS Vanessa Diffenbaugh:  Women's Fiction

An amazing journey of a foster child into love, loss, and growing up with all of life seemingly against her. Her one solace gives her voice--flowers and their meanings. This is an absolutely must read.

IN ANOTHER LIFE Julie Christine Johnson: Women's Fiction

An eighth-hundred-year-old murder mystery and three men locked in an eternal struggle of right vs. wrong, creates a fascinating story of past and present.

ME BEFORE YOU Jojo Moyes: Women's Fiction with romantic elements

I'll never forget Louisa Clark and her journey of discovery with Will Traynor. Riveting and awe-inspiring storytelling--Absolutely Must Read

AFTER YOU Jojo Moyes: Women's Fiction

[Spoiler Warning!] Sequel to Me Before You Louisa is two years out from the death of Will Traynor and she's stuck on hold until a series of events starting with a fall from the fifth floor finally shakes her into a new orbit. Fitting follow up to Me Before You.

SHARPE SHOOTER Lisa Thomas: Cozy Mystery

A witty sleuth makes a splash while investigation a family mystery. If you like cozy mysteries, this one is a good fit.

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