Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Book Pusher's February Mini Book Revew, Part 1: J. Bourne, V. Denman, L. McNeal, A. Mulligan, B. Rogan,

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The Return of the Book Pusher 
Yes, I'll admit it. I can't stop pushing! And I don't want to. ;-) 

THE BLACK HAWK Joanna Bourne: Historical Romance

Wonderful book! Jo Bourne's unconventional romance plot is amazing. You'll keep turning the pages and eat this one up. 

JADED Varina Denman: Christian Romance with elements of Women's Fiction

Along with Denman's JUSTIFIED, the Mended Heart Series offers a welcome, much more complex plot than usual. The commentary on Christians and their self-righteous behavior is spot on. 

 DOLLBABY Laura Lane McNeal: Historical Women's Fiction

Amazing debut! This is a beautiful story of resilience in Civil Rights era New Orleans--everyone has a story.

 CHAPEL SPRINGS SURVIVAL Ane Mulligan: Christian Women's Fiction

Another delightful, mishap after another continues in Mulligan's Chapel Springs. As always Claire Bennett is at the center of them all. Sweet read.

 ROWING IN EDEN Barbara Rogan: Literary

Must Read for how a professional weaves plot, 3-D characters, internals, and dialog into a wonderful story. 

You know I'll be back with more books for you to drool over later in the month. If none of these is your cup of tea, just wait. 

Next Week: More books...of course! ;-)