Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Getting It In Gear--Write Club and Thirty-Day Challenge

All of the writers I know want to get better at their craft and to get feedback. I certainly do. If not for the wonderful feedback at the Books and Writers Forum and my truly special Facebook writing buddies group, I'd still be stuck with a simple two-dimensional story.

Thank goodness, there are craft books galore to help out with the first desire. I love them! When I can get one for free, I'm over the moon. If you're interested, try this free book: The Thirty-Day Challenge.

Here's the Amazon description:

The 30-Day Writing Challenge encourages beginner and advanced writers alike to stretch their writing muscles and create or enhance a daily writing habit. Each day, a new writing exercise/prompt is presented in an inventive collection that focuses on technique, inspiration, and craft by taking a comprehensive look across multiple forms and genres of writing.

Free is my favorite price. ;-)

Once you've honed your craft, it's time for feedback. After all, we want readers, don't we? I've done a few blog contests before, but this one really intrigues me. DL Hammons is sponsoring WRiTE Club.The contest is based on the movie "Fight Club" and will feature head-to-head contests between writers. The winner will be picked by a panel of publishing industry professionals.

Are you up to the challenge?

I haven't posted an update since I decided to plow back in and mine the layers of Samantha, my foster child. Between the B&W Forum April X, the Don Maass Workshop at WFWA,  and my SOC buddies, I'm finding that I didn't really know Samantha beyond the first image I had of her. She's so much more than I had imagined. My WIP is thankful for the layers and I'm having fun leaning what she's been hiding.