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Laura Grace Bradshaw lost her two great loves within a week—her husband and her teaching career. She stands on the brink of a life with no purpose when her church begins a foster family project. She has never walked by a needy kid, and she doesn’t plan to start nowAt the first foster party she meets Samantha Smith, a girl whose shuttered face bears striking resemblance to her late husband.

With every singing and baking lesson she shares with Samantha, she discovers that the girl is burrowing through her armor of grief. Still, she has never been a mother, something Samantha desperately needs.

Even as Laura Grace’s instincts and mission to protect Samantha draws them closer, her wounded heart warns her that she can’t survive another loss. She overcomes her own misgivings and decides to make their bond unbreakable through adoption. But this choice provokes Samantha’s fractured family, and they refuse to let the girl go. It will take all of Laura Grace’s determination, kindness, and love to prove to everyone, including her family, that Samantha truly belongs with her.

Mother's Day is the first of several novels set in Cherry Hill, Georgia.



Rosemary Talley finds herself in the crosshairs as her husband's disdain grows ever more virulent. When it spills over to their younger son, she searches for a way out. But before she can act, her son Dean takes matters into his own hands.