Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The universe is prodigal in its support. We are miserly in what we accept.
~~Julia Cameron, THE ARTIST'S WAY

I'm finding this quote to be literally true to such an extent that I'm almost embarrassed to share--almost. ; ) Synchronicity is the gifts of inspiration that the Creator of the universe puts in our path all the time. I have to admit to many years of doubting them and ignoring them. I've overlooked so many ways in which God has aided my creativity. As of now, I'm opening up to all the gifts--big and small--that come my way.

Here's a few examples:
  • My mother and sister insisted that I read Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER series. Not only did I find hours of excellent reading and thrilling stories, I was introduced to one of the most generous writers in the world who kept mentioning the Books and Writers Forum. Once I took the time to check the Forum out, I found not only many amazing writers, but also a source of craft skills and exercises that help me hone my writing.
  • On a day trip to Cartersville for the fun of it, I found the perfect vision for Cherry Hill, my WIP's setting.
  • While "wasting time" on Facebook, I remembered one of my former students is a Marine and now I have a source of info for the background of Mack Singer, my retired Marine.
  • During a lunch at Captain D's, I saw little children who sparked a great scene for Book 3 about Laura Grace and her grandchildren. Let's just say, it isn't smooth sailing. ; )
  • Thinking about my Marine, I realized he just might have a tattoo or two. Then I realized that not only does he have a tattoo of the Marine anchor and globe, he has one that pays homage to his lost love, also a Marine. Laura Grace will have something to say about that!
  • And the biggest gift of all: Six months ago, while we were organizing the church's Angel Tree charity, I met the adult daughter of a foster/adoptive mother. She gave me her mother's email. I'm ashamed to say that I've waited this long to try and get in touch with her. The middle of my plot depends on this information. At least I'm started on this source of info now.
How many times to we allow a fleeting thought, inspiration, or plot idea slip by?

What about you? Do you have a few gifts that you've been amazed by?