Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blind Spots and THREE announcements

Blind spots--we all have them when we're drafting. My main one is the overuse of the word as. Add a heavy sprinkling of that, just, and every -ly adverb and I have a lengthy search and destroy mission set for the first revision...and second...third... ; )

My characters also have a distressing habit of dropping the subjects of their sentences when they speak. So, add that to the list of problems I have to constantly seek out. Add the fact that they nod, smile, and grin through every possible scene and I'll be busy when I rewrite.

So. Share.

What are your most common blind spots?
Who knows, I might be doing the same thing and haven't noticed it yet. ; )

Announcement 1~~Don't forget--I'll be interviewing Charlotte Rains Dixon about her new book Emma Jean's Bad Behavior on February 19. You won't want to miss it. Charlotte is an author, writing teacher, and writing coach. Check out her blog at charlotterainsdixion.com.

Announcement 2~~Check out Lara Lacombe's big announcement! I'm thrilled for her and Edge of Trust! Another writer to introduce you to later in the year or early next year. ; )

Announcement 3~~There's a new home for women's fiction writers--Women's Fiction Writers Association. Here's what it is and how to join the loop. I'll add more info as the WFWA gets off the ground. ; )

“The need is for an organization dedicated to women’s fiction. Whether the stories are contemporary or historical; literary or commercial; include a dash of romance, a heap of romance or none at all; the stories all have one common thread—they are about a woman’s emotional journey.

A new organization—Women’s Fiction Writers Association—is being launched to fill the need. It will be an inclusive community of career-focused women’s fiction writers with networking, education and support at every step in their career path.”

To join the email loop and be part of the conversation, contact Laura Drake at Laura_drake1123 [@] yahoo [dot] com