Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back Brain Blender

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I know you're wondering what on earth a Back Brain Blender is. ;-) 

It's my term for my subconscious mind where images of everyday life, snippets of conversation, ideas for scenes all come together to create story. I've found that it works best when I let go of trying to write. That's why I keep notepads on my nightstand, in both autos, and anywhere I might have an idea splatter out of my subconscious and into the light.

For example: I'd completed two intense months of edits and plugging holes on my WIP when we took a mid-January vacation in Jamaica. Yes, warm, tropical, delightfully romantic Jamaica. I truly didn't expect to write a word. Of course, my subconscious had other ideas. As I relaxed on our veranda surrounded by the verdant green and the hummingbirds, I found my brain spinning out bits and pieces like a blender operated without a top. It's like turning over a compost pile to hunt for treasure--rich, fertile imagination roared to front and center.

 I took a notebook with me just in case, and that proved to be wise. When I got back to cold, wintry Georgia, I had taken thirteen pages of scenes for two future WIPs, three blogposts, and ideas for the pitch I gave twice on February 20. 

That's what I mean about a back brain blender. You never know when your next story idea, a scene that unlocks a block, or ideas for telling others about your work will come.

Let the Back Brain do its thing. Just keep paper and pen handy for the "accidents."

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