Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Snowing--Again

~~I remember winters like this one. When I was little, we had snow off and on several times a winter. But it's been years since its been like this. Droughts and warm winters have been the norm for at least ten years. The last year we had a big snow was 1993 and the blizzard. Now, winter 2009-2010 will go down as a big snow year. It's snowing again today--March 2. That's four this winter.
~~This winter will go down as a cold, snowy one. All I know is, I love it. I love watching it snow. I love thinking about it in the forecast and I know many of my fellow Southerners agree--snow is fun. We're just thankful that it goes away quickly and we can get back out and into the warm again. In fact, we are expecting the temperature to rise quickly. Sunday should be above 60. I foresee sitting on the deck basking in the sun--the deck that is covered with snow at the moment. ; )