Wednesday, January 12, 2011


~~Okay. Enough is enough! Even though the snow and ice melts a bit every day, the water freezes back and the ice gets thicker every night. Now it's all John and I can do to crunch through the top layer. Casey and Max have no hope of denting it and have been skating a time or two. The glare off the slick surface is like a mirror. John did slip down a time or two trying to get to the back for a shovel to use on his mother's walk. I keep asking everyone if they can ever remember it been this bad before. Finally someone older than I am said 1960. Though I really don't remember my first snow, I do have evidence that it wasn't anywhere near as deep.  And yes, that's little old me. ; )

~~The birds are just as tired of it as we are. We can't hope to get to the feeders, so we have been carefully stepping out on the deck that's just as covered as the ground and throwing seeds at the feeders. The birds are thrilled since all their usual feeding sites are under nearly six inches of snow and ice. It's a strange sensation when the seeds go sliding down the slope and a leaf follows sliding thirty to forty feet. And the birds are skiing too. I can't begin to count how many have been dining with us, but we've seen all of the following types: chickadees, titmice, cardinals, mocking birds, thrashers, rose breasted grosbeaks, blue gray gnat catchers, gold finch, purple finch, pine siskins, Carolina wrens, and sparrows of all types. I'm glad we can help out our fine feathered friends.