Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Book Pusher: July 2018

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You need some books, right? I know it, so here you go! ;-)

THE SOMETIMES SISTERS Carolyn Brown: Women's Fiction

With her trademark reality and a touch of humor, Brown shows the Clancy sisters at their lowest and shows their grit and grace. Excellent Read!

THE PLASTIC MAGICIAN Charlie Holmberg: Fantasy

Holmberg does it again! Her latest enchanting story in the Paper Magician series is full of adventure, daring, and love. Fun Read! But start with book one--The Paper Magician

CAROUSEL BEACH Orly Konig: Women's Fiction

Maya Brice is hunting the magic of her childhood while grieving her present. You'll love this hauntingly beautiful story--and belive in magic again. 

EVERYTHING WE GIVE Kerry Lonsdale: Women's Fiction

With an emotional and fulfilling conclusion to her "Everything" series, Lonsdale probes the depth of love and lies, family and connection. Bu tying up her stirring story, the author provides closure for her characters--and her readers.

LONG WAY GONE Charles Martin: Contemporary Fiction

With a radical retelling of the Prodigal Son, Martin will rip open your heart and sing you home. This is one of the finest books ever.

HUSBANDS AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS Marilyn Simon Rothstein: Women's Fiction

Rothstein has done it again! You'll laugh. You'll cry--And enjoy every page. Be sure to read Lift and Separate first. Great Read!

NEVER TOO LATE Amara Royce: Historical Romance

Never Too Late is a rousing romance with a big heart for the social ills of Victorian England. Add a wonderful flip of the usual older hero/younger heroine and it moves into welcome new territory for romances.

THE TIGER IN THE HOUSE Jacqueline Sheehan: Women's Fiction

You'll never guess the plot twists but you'll love the ride. Delia Lamott is one of the best characters ever. This is a must read now!

THE LAST TELEGRAM Liz Trenow: Historical Women's Fiction

With an intriguing story set in the WWII silk industry, Trenow invites us into Lily Verner's life and times, and her amazing ability to "keep her chin up" and carry one. A Must Read

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