Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mini Book Reviews: On the Romantic Side


I don't usually read pure Romance. Nothing wrong with it--just not my cup of tea. Then again,sometimes it's just the thing I need for a quick read. Then there's the meatier ones that add in history or are women's fiction with strong romantic elements. Here's a sampling of my more romantic reads.

A SINNER IN PARADISE Deborah Hining--Women's Fiction with a healthy dose of romance
There's nothing not to like in A Sinner in Paradise. Deborah Hining has created a unique, interesting, and feisty main character in Geneva. When she has to return to her West Virginia roots, she learns what's truly important is to love yourself. Everything and everyone else seems to fall in place. This is a truly delightful read. The religious aspects of the story are so deftly handled that it never jars or gets preachy.

THE WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING Beth Kendrick--Romance with a capital R ;-)
The Week Before the Wedding is a perfect example of what a tasty read can be when handled with characters who are 3-D. No cardboard-cut outs here. Enjoy this one when you need a light fast read.

NEVER TOO LATE Amara Royce--Historical Romance
Never Too Late is a rousing romance with a big heart for the social ills of Victorian England. Add a wonderful flip of the usual older hero/younger heroine and it moves into welcome new territory for romances. The social commentary is so integral to the main female character that it is eye-opening without being preachy. This is one historical romance that will keep you guessing. This is a must read for those who love historical romance.

Check out my interview of Amara from May 14 for more info.

IF THE SHOE FITS Amber T. Smith--Romantic Fantasy
If the Shoe Fits is a hilarious retelling of Cinderella. You'll never guess who is the fairy godmother, I promise. This is a light read that retells the old fairy tale with a mod setting.  Enjoy.

BURNING SKY Lori Benton--Historical Romance
Burning Sky is a must read! The story is deeply personal, rich in history, with captivating characters you won't want to let at the end. This is another book in which the religious beliefs of the characters are integrated with the story with no preaching--just people living their lives based on what they believe. Check out my interview of Lori on August 20 for more info.

Happy Reading!