Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Four Books: March Mini Book Reviews: S. Bradley, L. M. Bujold, B. Freethy, S. Meissner

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I have some lovely reads for you this month. Enjoy!

KEPT Sally Bradley: Christian Romance

Deeply drawn characters carry this romance to a suspenseful conclusion. The discussion of Christianity ties directly into the characters' lives and is not an after thought or add-in. Good Read.

MEMORY Lois McMaster Bujold: Science Fiction (of the very best kind)

In Memory, Bujold takes her iconic Miles Vorkosigan on a whirlwind ride and shows what a coming of adult status really means. You must read all of this series. I promise even those who don't usually like SF will fall in love with Miles. 

SUMMER SECRETS Barbara Feethy: Women's Fiction with elements of Romance

The secrets that bind the McKenna sisters have also strangled their lives. Then, a dashing stranger, bent on the discovery of their past, throws a twist into their stories. Wonderful Read. You won't put it down. 

SECRETS OF A CHARMED LIFE Susan Meissner: Women's Fiction

This is a lyrical exploration of the effects the choices we make have on our lives. Set in the disruptive  time of the Blitz of London and the evacuation of the city's children, the story will hold you mesmerized. Must Read.

Mother's Day Update: It was a last minute rush, but I made the deadline for the first contest I plan to enter this year. Whew! Now, I have 45 days to get twenty more pages polished and the synopsis expanded to two to three pages. Yikes!

Next week: Author Interview of Susan Meissner. You don't want to miss this one. ;-)