Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three, Two, One

Three white balls of snow stacked up just so in the classic snowman form.

Two bounding barkers bouncing around in the flakes that nearly rise to their bellies.

One Southern Snow Storm of three and one half inches deep, lovely and white.
~~I know that it's not a lot of snow by northern standards, but it's wonderfully heavy for north Georgia. Of course, it is a strange winter with this second snowfall on Friday, February 12 and another expected late tonight and into tomorrow. Talk about a Valentine's Day Gift! ; ) Our puppies loved it. After an initial caution, they bounced and bounded so fast that we didn't get a photo of them. When you are only ten inches tall, snow of three and one half inches is a bit of a challenge. Add the snowman--the intruder in our midst--and you have a noisy, fun time.
~~John and I have never "rolled" a snowman before. All our past attempts have been the mounded variety. Either we haven't had this type of wet, heavy snow before, or we have waited until the next day when the drier air has stripped it of moisture...But this time, the snowballs rolled into the perfect sections for a lovely snowman. Add a red hat, green towel scarf, carrot nose, and two broccoli floret eyes and you have it.
~~Enjoy the photos of our latest, but not last snow. ; )