Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG: Retreat!

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I know you looked at this post's title, and it took you back. What's she doing? Telling us to give up? To retreat from our dreams?

No. Far from it. I want to share a lovely way to hurtle your fears, find writing buddies, and Go, Writers, Go!

September 24-27, I attended the first-ever Women's Fiction Writers Association Retreat in Albuquerque, NM. I had a blast, but best of all, I am renewed. My writing is front and center. So, sit back and check out the perks of Retreating. ;-) 

1. Go new places.

Lovely Albuquerque Lifts Off!

2. Meet old online buddies face-to-face.
with Annee Brizo
 3. Try new things.
While I have read snips of my work in public many times, I have never sung part of them. Here, I'm reading my original lyrics to an "old folk song" to my self-composed melody. Really! Add lyric writing to my curriculum vita.

4. Learn new tricks and share insights.
Our Lovely Board and Me

5. Eat tons of good food. ;-) 

6. Share writing space with other creative minds. 
Of course, it helps if there is a helpful wait staff providing you with nibbles and fluids to fuel the effort. ;-)

8. Write a nifty, little character sketch/essay.

So, Retreat, Writers, Retreat!

For the next two months, I'll be posting on the first Wednesday and third Tuesday while I'm taking Barbara Rogan's Next Level Workshop: Revising Fiction. I promise I'll be writing...tons. ;-) 

See you Tuesday, October 21.