Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Book Pusher--October Harvest: L. Bujold, S. Knipper, K. Long, F. North, W. Randel,

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A CIVIL CAMPAIGN Lois McMaster Bujold: SciFi--Space Opera/Romance

Bujold's hero, Miles Vorkosigan, heir to a Count and Imperial Auditor is in love, so why is he so scared the lady will get away? His congenital disability might be one, and the other suitors are flocking. Bujold is in fine form in this installment of her Vorkosigan series.

THE PECULIAR MIRACLES OF ANTOINETTE MARTIN Stephanie Knipper: Women's Fiction--magical realism

This amazing, magical tour of heart, love, sacrifice, death, and life will win your heart. Must Read!

BROKEN PIECES Kathleen Long: Women's Fiction

A journey of loss and loneliness results in healing and renewed strength. This is a lovely story that plumbs the depths of grief and finds a few smiles along the way.

THE WAY BACK HOME Freya North: Women's Fiction

Absolute freedom vs. absolute neglect--either creates a childhood to run away from. So, why is Oriana returning home after eighteen years? Mystery and secrets run the halls of Winward and we're allowed to peep in of them in North's THE WAY BACK HOME.

THE MOON IN THE PALACE Weina Dai Randel: Historical Women's Fiction

This hypnotic historical of the young Empress Wu has political intrigue and palace jealousies. Set in the atmosphere of ancient China, THE MOON IN THE PALACE is a great coming of age story.

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