Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Book Pusher's February Mini Book Reviews Part 2: L. Bujold, D. Gabaldon, K. Hannah, S. Meissner

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 A fabulously twisty and rewarding SF Romance by a master in the field. Must Read, but only if you've read the entire Vorkosigan series beforehand. 

BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE Diana Gabaldon: Historical

You can't go wrong with Diana Gabaldon's books! This one is a great read that cuts to the heart of one of her beloved characters, Lord John Grey. Add a neat mystery and Jamie Fraser and it's as good as a read gets. 
THE NIGHTINGALE Kristin Hannah: Historical Women's Fiction 

A deeply felt and stirring story of the choices two sisters must make in occupied France in World War II. Must Read! 

SEA CHANGE Darlene Marshall: Historical Romance

Take one delightfully handsome rogue. Add an unexpectedly unconventional heroine. And you have the perfect recipe for a light, historical romance. 

 STARS OVER SUNSET BOULEVARD Susan Meissner: Historical Women's Fiction

This is a beautiful story of the risks and rewards of friendship that survives all strain of reaching for what one holds most dear. Susan Meissner delivers as usual. 

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