Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Creed all Writers Need

Here it is--the Creed we all need to take into if we're serious about our writing.

Writer's Rebel Creed
Thanks to S A Larson, we have not excuse this year. None. Join the crowd, the determined, the writers who will succeed. And check out SA's to-dos to be a Writer Rebel in 2014.

I would be honored for you to join me in committing to this CREED. All you have to do is add your name to the linky list below. There are two optional commitments you can also make:
  1. Copy the CREED Badge and paste it on your site, encouraging others to join us.
  2. Write one post a month somehow related to your journey in following the CREED. Choose a day and time to your liking. Just include the badge in your post, linking back to this post so others can join in. Share your post via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or however!
Remember - neither of those are required, only suggested. Best of luck with the CREED and keep in touch! Last year we had 99 writers commit. Let's see if we can double that or even more, this year! 
Now how easy is this! Just join us.
For my sharing I'd like to tell you the two steps I'm taking to up my game, to prove I'm serious about my writing.
  • Starting March 2 I'll be taking a Don Maass Workshop sponsored by the WFWA focused on Inner vs Outer – Writing with Emotional Power
  • May 1 is the start of the first WFWA contest--The Rising Star Contest for those who haven't previously published a WF novel. I'm working on polishing up my first 35 pages and preparing a 2-3 page synopsis. Wish me luck!
What about you? What are you doing to prove you're serious about your writing this year?

FRIENDLY FIRE Update: I finished editing Part 1 on Saturday. The first thirty-five pages are out with some beta readers and getting good reviews from those who have reported back already. Thea, my big sister, my reader-in-reserve, really liked it and wants to read more. What can I say? I'm excited and gratified. On I go. Next stop, part 2 edited and filled in. ;-)