Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There's a lot of ground to cover in this post:
     Catch Me catch up
     Where to go for critiques

~~Imagine my surprise when I came to the Shade this morning and found out I had won not one, but two awards from Kristina at KayKay's Corner. This is my third Stylish Blogger, but now I have a nifty One Lovely Blog to go with it. Amazing! I'll do all the requirements below. ; )

~~I really meant to get to all the lovely people in Kristina's Catch Me If You Can blogfest, but a virus caught me first. Add a migraine and I didn't get to any yesterday. At least I had visited around thirty on Monday. There is some seriously good writing going on around here!

~~My opening scene is slated for some detailed rewrites. All the lovely comments have really helped me look at it again. Hopefully all you Catch Me bloggers has got some good feedback as well. When I get that done, I just might consider sharing it again. Also if you'd like excellent critiques, you can do no better than the Books and Writers Forum at CompuServe. Try this link HERE. Believe me, I write much better because of the family of lovely writers who share their WIPs there.

~~Now without further delay here's the requirements that go along with my two awards:
     1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award. (See above for a link to KayKay's Corner.)
     2. I have to tell you seven facts about me you might not know.
     3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs you have found recently.
     4. Notify the bloggers of their awards.

~~Seven things you might not know about me and I didn't tell you the last time I won an award:
     1. I much prefer digging out a litter box than walking the pups in 14 degrees or a driving rainstorm complete with thunder like today.
     2. I won't make choir practice tonight due to the virus and lingering effects of the migraine. I don't think even my MC, Laura Grace, would fuss at me.
     3. I sing soprano, but have filled in for at times on high tenor and alto over the years.
     4. If you wondered why I use a wink ; ) instead of the traditional smiley : ), it's because I like the look of the wink much better than the smiley in my favorite font--Georgian.
     5. I hate san serif fonts that don't have the little lines on top and bottom of the letters. I confuse capital I's, little i's and little l's in san serif fonts.
     6. I've been known to use a cat emoticon =^..^= in my signature line for years because I have shared my life and love with seven purrfectly lovely cats over the decades. Now we have two toy poodles and I still don't have a clue what makes doggies do what they do.
     7. We still call Max and Casey the puppy poodles and always will because we like alliteration. They'll be two on April 7.

~~Now some bloggers you should check out. You won't be sorry. Many of these folks are in my groups at the Crusade. Hi, Groupies!
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Have a blessed Ash Wednesday. Lent's here and Easter's coming. ; )