Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Guess What's Stopping Me Now?

Zan Marie Steadham 2013

Zan Marie Steadham 2013
Believe me. I've been rocking along at a good pace since the first of the year, filling in holes in FRIENDLY FIRE, jotting down ideas for the rest of the Cherry Hill books.


Last week I've come to a screeching halt. Why, you ask.

Well, the total house renovation has revved up again with the warming spring air. The good from this is that the house needed a face lift terribly. The bad is, I've been crammed back into a corner of the dining room while the study gets painted and sleeping on a double bed with a six foot four husband and two toy poodles while the paint fumes air in the master bedroom.

Now I can at least reveal the new colors the heart of my home--my study. The curtains were there already and the new green walls are perfect. On the other hand, the books are still stacked in boxed like cord wood and on every spare surface of the dining room. ; )

Hopefully, next week will be better...Of course, I will still have to sort through and reshelf tons of books.

Update! The study is all back in place. There are three boxes to deliver to the library for resell, and I have four series of books I'm going to try to sell on ebay...but as of now, I'm back in business. That is if I'll get started again. Cross your fingers.

Announcement of another Author Interview
If I get myself back to work, I'll introduce you to one of my favorite romance authors--Kristen Callihan, a double RITA nominee for this year.

So, back to work... ; )