Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Aside from all the news that Amazon purchased Goodreads last week (see HERE) and whether that's a good or bad thing, I need help navigating all the options at Goodreads.

I joined recently and I know how to post books, make bookshelves, and rate books. Other than that, I'm still trying to figure it out. So, I thought I'd ask for you for help.

Do you use the following?
The widgets for blogs come in a lot of varieties:
  • custom
  • update
  • grid
  • My Books
  • shelf badge
  • email footer, etc.
Do you have any suggestions about the settings, emails, or feeds?
What is Listopia?

As you can see, I'm a novice when it comes to Goodreads. ; )

What's your favorite thing about Goodreads?

I'm Zan Marie Steadham on Goodreads...and I love new friends. Let me know if you are a member of Goodreads and we'll share a few recommendations. ; )