Saturday, September 19, 2009

Woe September!

~~I'm not happy with September. I haven't had a good one. Among the woes, there's a prolonged illness that caused me to lose seven pounds in three weeks. I just wouldn't recommend the weight-loss method to anyone. : ( Add to that the back problems that have made sitting at the computer or anywhere hard and John's mother's broken hip setback and you get the picture.
~~Helen's bones are not healing well and we had to stop therapy. She is now at home with twenty-four hour care and using a transfer board. It takes two and John has been helping the help since Monday. He's worn out.
~~The puppies agree that this week didn't start too well. They were neutered on Tuesday. All's well though and the active little boys are at their antics again. Cow hoof, anyone?
~~On a positive note, I did get to the Decatur Book Festival on September 5 and met my favorite author, Diana Gabaldon. : ) I'll tell you more next week when her newest Jamie and Claire book is published and in my hot little hands.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My, How Big You've Grown!

~~The boys are getting big! Well, by their record, at least. When they were eleven weeks old, Casey weighed four pounds four ounces and Max was three pounds two ounces. Now at twenty-four weeks old, they weigh seven pounds eight ounces and five pounds four ounces. What a difference!
~~They're growing up in other ways, too. We are actually getting some good pack walks without too much pulling. Of course, when the boys pull, Max goes one way and Casey the other. There's nothing like a tug-of-war between two toy poodles when you are the rope! ; )
~~Here's a few photos to show how big they are getting. Compare their first week home with now. Enjoy!