Tuesday, May 1, 2012


If you've followed In the Shade of the Cherry Tree for any length of time, you know I can't let well enough alone. I'm always hunting for another background, another color scheme, another focus image. The newest is in honor of the coming summer. Besides it's been hot enough to be summer around here. All our flowers have bloomed or are setting buds to bloom a full month early this spring. By the way, I've already picked out the background image for fall. ; )

The latest background is perfect depiction of deep Georgia woods. The focus image is to herald the coming season of ripe cherries in our grocery stores. I can't get enough of the tasty little fruit--it's my favorite.

I've wondered if I change the look too often, but I know the visual expression of my creative side needs an outlet, too. So, for now, you can look forward to my changing images. Hopefully they will all fit the image of a comfortable place to visit. Come on into the Shade and sit for a spell. Maybe it will take your mind off the heat. ; )

What about you? Do you change up your look from time to time. Or do you think writers should strive for a recognizable look that is part of our set image and brand?

On Friday, check out Deniz's The Gridle of Melian--I'm the guest writer/blogger. She asks good questions. ; )