Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sorry About That...

I had planned to do more author interviews, but real life and my writing have gotten in the way. I plan to get back to them later. Meanwhile, I'll try to put together another list of mini-reviews soon.

It's also been limiting my visits to other blogs. I miss reading all of your lovely posts. :-(

There are a lot of meaningful goings on in my writing life at the moment. Among them are:
  • New critique group--In late September I took part in one of WFWA's workshops. This one was all about Critique Groups. The express purpose of the workshop was to get us all on the same page when it came to critiquing and assigning us to groups. Now I get the excitement of reading three new friends' work. Check out Kristena Tunstall, Jeannine Everett, and Jess Ferguson's blogs.

  • Editing of FRIENDLY FIRE--And as always, I'm working on getting a complete manuscript together for my WIP FRIENDLY FIRE. Currently, I'm working on a huge hole in Part 2. Send good vibes my way, why don't you?
So, if you've got some spare time to lend me, I'll jump on it. ;-)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Getting Colder...

It's getting colder and the leaves are starting to turn. My doggies are cuddling up to they mommy and daddy more and more. I love it! What better excuse is there to wrap up and read a good book...or three. ;-)

My babies, Casey and Max, agree wholeheartedly.

Maybe we need to sit with daddy...

Or maybe my blankie will be enough...

Ah. Mommy's lap is just right. ;-)

But if you're like me, you need no excuses to read. Though if you have to convince someone else that you aren't wasting time, try the Benefits of Reading for some new reasons to read. I thought you might like them as much as I do.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Once the Book is Written...

Every time one of my friends asks how the book is going and I say I'm closing in on a complete draft, they inevitably say, "Oooh! When will I be able to buy it?" (sigh) And I have to explain to them that it doesn't work that way. But for some reason, their eyes glazed over after I explain the differences in macro and micro edits. How long it can take to find an agent, writing loglines, queries, synopses, etc. All on the top of producing a complete and polished final (if there is such a thing) draft...And so it goes. I'm still at the tiniest of first steps--I'm nearly done with a rough draft.

There are other writers who have explained that so well and one of them is my fellow WFWA member, Kerry Ann Morgan. Check out her latest blog post--I've Entered the Fight...er...Submission Club. She tells the truth with such comedic flair!

Also check out this announcement. The Bookshelf Muse has moved to Writers Helping Writers and celebrating with a great give away.

Part 1--Dreams is now in complete rough draft stage. Currently it's being read by some fabulous writers and non-writers to see if it makes sense to anyone else but me. ;-) John has read 3 chapters and only stumbled on one sentence. Guess what? He was right, it needed moved. (Have I reminded you lately that I love that man?)

And I have a potential logline or one sentence that sets up the story's beginning.
When a retired, childless widow meets a troubled foster child and steps into the breach, she realizes abuse is rampant in her home town—and she’s at ground zero.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh

Sometimes you find truth and sometimes you find TRUTH! This is the latter. (My favorite truths are # 1, 5, 12, 23, and especially 31.)

Enjoy. ; )

33 Untold Truths Writers Know All Too Well

I'm taking a workshop at WFWA and loving the give and take. I'm so glad I found that group. If you write Women's Fiction, come an join us at Women's Fiction Writers Association.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


You know that feeling you get when you read something that really turns your head, makes you see your life and stories in a new light, and realize you've been looking at everything the wrong way? Well, I'm having that feeling since I read Kathryn Craft's post at Writers in the Storm. Check out Turning Whine into Gold: Surmounting Obstacles. It's opened up a new theme in my WIP FRIENDLY FIRE.

In FF's original form--MOTHER'S DAY--was all about Laura Grace and her childlessness.  Every part of the story at that time was about how and why Laura Grace became a mother. In fact, Samantha was little more than a placeholder child. That was until I couldn't keep from learning more and more about Samantha's story and the idea of abuse being friendly fire, that those closest to us inflict our deepest wounds. Child abuse is a prime example since the great majority of victims are abused by people in their families and neighborhoods--those who should be protecting the child, not preying on them. That new focus forced LG's motherhood into the background.

But after reading Craft's post, I realized that both themes need to run parallel lines in the story. LG has a deep well of motherhood that was not allowed expression in the normal journey most people take. She is childless after 30+ years of happy marriage and a career of teaching has only touched the tip of the iceberg of what she has buried inside. The obstacles to motherhood looked insurmountable. Then Samantha, a child with needs so deep that only a mother with an endless reserve to call on can provide the mothering she needs. And a match made in Heaven was created.

Needless to say, I'm trilled. I've already begun to add this new insight into my WIP, so if you think I'm a bit distracted, I might be. ; )