Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April The Book Pusher's Mini Book Reviews: J. Jackson, K. Paterka, L. Shuler, C. Swanson

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THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYONE Joshilyn Jackson: Women's Fiction

Jackson's latest is an intricate blend of hidden tales and a lost girl's journey home. This is a story that's happening everywhere a child has to piece their life together from fragments. the whole promises hope, but the path is long and winding. Excellent Read

THE OTHER WIFE Kathleen Irene Paterka: Women's Fiction

A good story of two wives who find themselves in the same situation. Combined with a plot twist I didn't see coming and you have a Good Read.

 HIDDEN SHADOWS Linda Lucretia Shuler: Women's Fiction with elements of Magical Realism

This is an amazing tour of a woman's heart and mind. Cassie Brighton's journey of self-discovery will pull you in and capture your heart. Fabulous Read

THE BOOKSELLER Cynthia Swanson: Women's Fiction

 A beautiful story about choice and dreams. Swanson has created a wonderful character is Kitty/Katharyn. A Good Read