Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Laura Grace's Spring Garden

My MC, Laura Grace Chandler is known for her award-winning baking, but she has another talent--gardening. Setting can be used to create insight into characters. That's the nature of Laura Grace's garden. As a careful nurturer, she has, along with her deceased husband Tom, created a palette of perennials that bloom from late winter into late autumn.

Here's examples of what you would see in her garden from early to mid-spring.

(All of the photos below are the copyright of Zan Marie Steadham 2013.)

Cherry Hill, GA, Laura Grace's hometown, is know for its many namesake cherry trees.

Spring bulbs and flowering shrubs are also some of Laura Grace's favorites choices for her garden.

Dianthus may be small, but their large,
spicy scent makes them a presence.

I hope you've enjoyed a tour of a southern garden in full bloom. ; )

How do you use setting to show your characters' traits?