Monday, May 27, 2013

Writing Strong Women Characters

I found a link through the Women's Fiction Writers Association loops this week that I wanted, no needed, to share with you all.

Kameron Hurley takes on the usual stereotypes of women characters as mothers, sisters, daughters, and victims in a what that is beyond amazing. I do hope you enjoy this link.

We Have Always Fought

On the renovation front, the kitchen is nearly done. I'll be thrilled and delighted. I'm happy to say that I've gotten back to work this week on FRIENDLY FIRE after the busy lull of April and May. Cross your fingers that I can find the work ethic I had in January, February, and March... ; )

(The cherry trees have small ripened cherries among the leaves now. The birds love them, but they are only about a quarter inch in diameter. The focal image is of edible cherries in honor of them. ; )