Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Rules of Writing

You know you have to sit and stay to write. But so many things call you away--the clothes dryer buzzer, the timer on the stove, the phone ringing, that annoying beep that sounds when you have another post on Facebook, etc. etc. etc.


So how do you stay put and do the job, the words, the edits, that writing requires? Is it a to-do list, accountability partner, a critique partner who demands to see what you're working on now, or is it just sheer determination?

What motivates you to write? The story? The characters? The theme? I'll admit to all of these. My Cherry Hill books are about family, pain, loss, abuse, wounds, and how people cope with them. Without the people of Cherry Hill, I wouldn't have a story. Once I learned who they were, the themes jumped out and grabbed me. Research has expanded my compassion for those in the same situations. Writing has made me a better person.

So back to you. What makes you Sit! and Stay! for the job? How do you keep working on your WIP?

Besides if all else fails, try this option
How I Stopped Procrastinating
LOL! I'll try the rules, thank you. ;-)

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