Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Book Pusher: September 2018

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Many ask me why I don't label my mini reviews with a ranking of 1-5. The answer is very simple. I never review books I can't give either a 4 or 5. Believe me, I read far more than eight or ten books a month. Some I don't review because they are a reread, but others I don't review because I can't give then a high rating. Rather than shame a writer who poured their heart into the story, I choose to not review. So, enjoy the books! I know you will. ;-) 

NOBLE HOUSE James Clavell: historical fiction (classed as anything before 1970)

This is another of Clavell's excellent historical fictions about Asia. This time it's Hong Kong in 1963. As always there are a lot of characters, but they are skillfully woven into the tapestry of a riveting story. The backstory of the Straun's and their company is wonderful. As always, Clavell gives a good read.

THE LIGHT OF HIDDEN FLOWERS Jennifer Hanford: Women's Fiction

Missy Fletcher grinds along in the shadow of her confident, extroverted father. But something's missing. Something she must learn. Lovely Story and Good Read.

WHERE WE BELONG Catherine Ryan Hyde: Coming of Age

A lovely coming of age story that shows what love, trust, and responsibility truly looks like.

BELLEWETHER Susanna Kearsley: historical Fiction

Kearsley's done it again! You'll get caught up in the dual timeline, root for the characters, and learn what love does to protect and survive. A brilliantly plotted, inspired story you can't miss. Read it Now!

MORGAN'S RUN Colleen McCullough: Historical Fiction

Taking a figure from history and telling his story can be fraught with many potholes, but McCulough is a master at this type of story. In MORGAN'S RUN, she takes a man who many wrote off, but who is a founder of Australia. Great Read!

DIGGING IN Loretta Nyan: Women's Fiction

Grief and life can be challenging, but allowing yourself to breathe, grow, and live is the message of Nyan's lovely story. Let Paige Moresco teach you how.

THE ART OF INHERITING SECRETS Barbara O'Neal: Women's Fiction

With an intricately detailed story worthy of long contemplation, O'Neal has created mystery, love, intrigue, and a fully realized old home--a character as much as the people. Enjoy!

UNSTRUNG Laura Spinella: Women's Fiction

This is one of the most amazing books I've read lately. Olivia Klein's life is both haunting and uplifting. I'm amazing and transported as only singing choral music has in my life. Her main character is a symphony violinist and Spinella describes the feeling of providing the door knob into Heaven that I've experienced singing in a choir. An amazing read. Get this one! Read it now! You'll never forget it.

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