Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Mini Book Reviews: Bumper Crop!: A. Nathan, L. Higgins, J. Harrison, S. Holmes, P. Rickman

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This is Part One of my epic reading time while I had hand surgery. Enjoy!

THE BANKS OF CERTAIN RIVERS Jon Harrison: Family Drama

What does it take to break a man? Neil Kazenzakis learns--twice--and yet he finds a way to come back. The Banks of Certain Rivers is a wonderful character study set in real life.

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS Lisa Verge Higgins: Women's Fiction

A beautiful portrait  of love and sacrifice, kindness given and received. This is a deeply heartfelt story what will remind you why we gather together in support. Must Read

STILLWATER RISING Steena Holmes: Women's Fiction

When the worst happens--a mass shooting at a school--a small town finds grief in all its forms. Holme's books explores that grief.

 THE GOOD NEIGHBOR Amy Sue Nathan: Women's Fiction

Amy Nathan's done it again! I was hooked by the first page and all in by the end of the first chapter. Izzy Lane's story showcases the ease of creating a new life online and the dangers of secrets.

THE WINE OF ANGELS Phil Rickman: Paranormal Mystery

This atmospheric and hypnotic mystery isn't your usual paranormal. Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins will win your heart.

As you can see, my eclectic reading habits continue. So, pick your favorite genre and get busy reading. ;-)