Wednesday, June 3, 2015

IWSG: The Terror of Completion

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The manuscript for the first of my Cherry Hill stories--Mother's Day--is complete in the hands of my beta readers. (Love y'all to pieces!) So what's next? (I'll admit to a bit of terror at this point.)

Good question. My first answer, in light of my first contest responses (95, 70, 61), is that I'm not ready to query. I could stare at the list of things to do:
  • Write a query
  • Research agents
  • Read a ton of craft books (Thank you for that suggestion)
  • Etc.
I could take a break and rest while my beta readers read, but I think that's a dangerous course. Would I ever start again? Possibly not. So I'm not stopping. I'll read craft books (notably: Monica Wood's Description, Don Maass's Writing 21st Century Fiction, and Desmond Morris's "little" sociology text Man Watching.) The last book is an attempt to make my body language more realistic, more varied than grins, winks, shrugs, and frowns. I'm planning an online workshop with Barbara Rogan sometime this summer. I'll also keep my hand in writing as I work through Cherry Hill book 2--Friendly Fire.

Wish me luck! What do you do when you're waiting and know you need to retrench a bit? Got any suggestions for me?

Next Week: the first of three mini book reviews...Yes, I've been reading. ;-)