Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Return of the Mini Book Reviews!

And here we go. It's the third Tuesday of the month and I wanted to start with a bang. Here are five books that I've read recently. Enjoy!

THE ART OF FALLING Kathryn Craft--Literary Women's Fiction


Wow! If I could give Craft's THE ART OF FALLING ten stars, it might be enough. This is a spectacular story of one woman's struggle with her body and is told through her connection to dance. I have no experience with dance, but I understood every nuance of the story told through movement. Lovely read! Deeply felt. Read this one! 

CHASING THE SUN Natalia Sylvester--Literary Women's Fiction


This is a fascinating story set during the 1980s Shining Path Guerrilla movement. The story is a deeply felt one about a taken woman and her husband. Their marriage and family life are the focus.

LIGHT MY FIRE Elle Druskin--Humorous Contemporary Romance 


The fourth installment in Elle Druskin's Liberty Heights series lives up to the zany humor and romance of the first three. This time there's fire involved. Be sure and check out Druskin's books for a fun, light read. 

THE GARDEN OF HAPPY ENDINGS Barbara O'Neal--Literary Women's Fiction


Wonderful! Insightful! Real to life! I can't add enough superlatives for this lovely read. Barbara O'Neal is true the seeker in all of us with her delightful characters--Elsa, Joaquin, Tamsin, and Deacon. This is a story that will stick with you and make you think. This is a deft exploration of belief that takes all our differences into account.

VOYAGER Diana Gabaldon--Historical Fiction with a touch of romance, SF, mystery, and fantasy for good measure.

Trust me--you want to read all of Diana Gabaldon's books. This is the third in her OUTLANDER series. It encompasses the ending and aftermath of the Rising of 1745 in the Scottish Highlands, Claire Fraser's need to find her husband, Jamie, and so much more. This is a must read in a series of must reads. Start at the first with OUTLANDER. You won't be disappointed by Gabaldon's lyrical prose, gripping stories, and deeply drawn characters.