Friday, May 31, 2013

WIP It Good Blogfest

Sometimes a blogfest comes around that is just too good to pass up. DL's W(h)IP It Good is one of those. Check this link out Cruising Altitude 2.0
"Our idea is that on Friday, May 31st, we will provide a forum to allow anyone interested a chance to tell the blogosphere about their most recent [W]ork [I]n [P]rogress. We’ll guide you by providing a few prompts to answer in your own post, and even give you the opportunity to solicit CP’s (partners who exchange material for detail critique – usually chapter by chapter) or Beta Readers (test readers who read entire manuscripts and offer broad opinions) if you’re looking for that."
Here's my answers to the prompts. What about you? What is your WIP about?

Here are the prompts we would like you to follow:


Word Count (projected/actual so far): 100k/106k (I need room to edit ; )

Genre: Women’s Fiction

How long have you been working on it?: Since March 2008

Elevator Pitch (if you came across an agent in an elevator ride, what couple of lines would you use to summarize your book):

Our deepest wounds come from those who should be our strongest support. The families of Cherry Hill, GA know this truth all too well.

Brief Synopsis (250 words or less):
Laura Grace Chandler knows the look of a child who needs a mother. All it takes is one look at Samantha Smith, an abused foster child, to make Laura Grace want to dive into the breach.

The only problem is, Laura Grace isn’t a mother, never has been. But she is a retired teacher who is recently widowed and needs to find a reason to keep going.
But Samantha Smith isn’t the only person in need of Laura Grace’s help to heal. Abuse is all around her and even right under her nose.

Are you looking for a Critique Partner?: Not at this time. My online community at Book and Writers Forum is filling this job.

Are you looking for a Beta Reader?: I already have several lined up for when I get a draft ready.