Tuesday, October 20, 2015

5 October Mini Book Reviews: J. Bourne, K. Contino, M. Dilloway, K. Katchur, L. Thompson

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Just when you thought I'd given up reading...I have another boat-load of books to tempt you with. ;-)

 THE SPYMASTER'S LADY Joanna Bourne: Historical Romance

Great read!!!! Joanna Bourne's intricate plots are amazing and THE SPYMASTER'S LADY is a great example of what historical romances should strive for. Read this book! 

THE LEGACY OF US Kristin Contino: Women's Fiction

The Legacy of Us is a sweet family saga about four generations of women as they learn about love and life.  


Galilee (Gal) Garner is as prickly as her roses, and just as surprising as a hybrid what produces an amazing bloom. This is a must read. Sit back and enjoy a story that will grip your heart.

THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD Karen Katchur: Family Saga

Caroline's family is good at keeping secrets. Only the secrets keep coming back to light at their annual summer at the lake. Coming to terms with the secrets will challenge their love.  

A MEASURE OF HAPPINESS Lorrie Thompson: Women's Fiction

The sweet and sour of life comes full circle in the family we have and the family we choose. A Measure of Happiness is a brilliant example of the home true love of family can be. The story of Katherine and Barry, and Celeste and Zach who the beauty of the trip.

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