Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Where Do You Read?

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Knee Prop in Jamaica

Where do you read? Just asking. If I have a moment, I'm reading. What about you? Do you reserve reading for special times?
Seriously. What does it take to make you stop your endless round of to-do's and read? You might know my answer already. But if you don't, here's the straight truth. 

I read anywhere, everywhere, and all the time.

Otherwise, there would be no monthly mini book reviews, no identity as The Book Pusher, and no writing, either.

Reading Circle on the deck
A writer's first job is to read. Read widely, read critically, read in genre, read all genres. Without reading, you never discover how to tell Story on the printed page. I don't remember not knowing how to read at least the sight words my mother hand wrote on index cards and drilled me with as a four-year-old. Some would say that was torture, but I thought it was a game. A glorious game that unlocked my ability to read independently. My parents read constantly. My older sister did to. I wanted admission into the club. Little did I know that I'd catch the infectious desire to create my own stories. At eight, I began with simple poems, but then graduated to stories. In the fifth grade, I wrote, staged, and acted in a one-act play in my English class. 

Poodle Prop
Now, I've learned the craft of creating stories in a variety of form. I'm addicted to words, addicted to the creation of story in order to bring others into the worlds I see inside of my mind.

 So if you ever wonder what I'm doing--don't. I'm reading. And relishing every second of the time! 

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