Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another Way to Connect

Writers in this day and age of social media are encouraged to create platforms were they can interact with readers. It's a bit daunting when you're 58 and learning how to connect through all the new forms of media. I mean, Twitter anyone? I've just scratched the surface and I'm still very lost. ;-)

I've been blogging here at In the Shade of the Cherry Tree for nearly five years. I don't have the biggest following, but I do enjoy the comments.

Facebook hasn't stretched me too far. If you haven't checked out my author page yet, try this LINK.

I'm very new to Twitter, though. I've been tweeting about a week and a half. The limits of 140 characters is still constraining. Add all the @ and #, and I'm a babe in the woods. Here's where I am-- @ZanMarieS. Have any of you got a simplified way to explain it all? ;-)

And now the newest one of all--I have a Goodreads Author Page.  I've only had it up since Saturday.

So if you can't find me one place, surely I'll be somewhere. Just tweet, fb me, comment on the blog, and say hello. ;-)

And one more thing. Have you noticed the new background picture? It's the actual cherry tree in my yard that inspired the name of my blog and is part of the setting on my novels. How's that for inspiration? ;-)