Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini-Reviews IV and an Announcement

And another list of good reads for all of you who have lots of time to read, read, read... ; )

CARNELIANS Catherine Asaro (Science Fiction)
Carnelians is a solution for all the various story lines in Asaro's Skolian universe that began in Primary Inversion in 1995. Even if there are subsequent books, this one answers the burning questions. It's a bit telling so that all the threads will knit together. Still, it's a good read.

CAPTAIN VORPATRIL'S ALLIANCE Lois McMaster Bujold (Science Fiction)
This is another example of a great SF series that is nearing its end. Bujold has created a vivid, detailed universe that centers on Miles Vorkosgian and his family. One of those relatives is Ivan "You Idiot" Vorpatril, but in this new book, Ivan comes into his own. Bujold's "Vorkosiverse" is so good, that John and I regularly reread and enjoy it all over again. Great Read!

DANDELION SUMMER Lisa Wingate (Inspirational)
This is part of Wingate's Blue Sky Hill Series. I've never read any of her books before, but I will seek them out now. Dandelion Summer has a light touch with the inspirational part of the story. What's most impressive is the fully-realized characters of J. Norman Alvord and Epiphany Jones who both learn the importance of family and that it's not too late to connect. Great read.

STILL LIFE IN SHADOWS Alice Wisler (Christian Literary)
This is a fascinating story about the challenges facing those who choose to leave the Amish Community. It's an interesting read.

THE SPARROW Mary Doria Russell (Literary Science Fiction)
The Sparrow is one of the most amazing books I've ever read. It is an intriguing, thought provoking, and deeply philosophical look at faith and how it is lived out in real lives. I'd recommend this book to anyone who asks me for a great read and warn them that it will show them the complexities of faith and obedience. A Must Read!

And now the announcement! I'll be interviewing Charlotte Rains Dixon about her new book Emma Jean's Bad Behavior on February 19. You won't want to miss it. Charlotte is an author, writing teacher, and writing coach. Check out her blog at charlotterainsdixion.com.