Wednesday, March 2, 2016

IWSG: In the Beginning...

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Insecure Writers Support Group

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 In the beginning for me was words. They fascinated, titillated, were always around, but not fully appreciated until they connected and created Story.

Story is an old concept. We've had Story since we gained the ability to communicate with others. 
  • It's what we've told ourselves under night skies when we were scared.
  • It's what we tell others to protect our hearts from pain.
  • It's what we share when we seek to help with each salve the pain of those around us.
My story (WIP) is about a mother, shook to her core, when she comes to motherhood late in life. She's fully ingrained in thinking she's not worthy of the role she now fills and cries out in that age-old angst that all mothers know. What if I can't protect my child? What if she's ripped away from me? What would that leave now that my heart is firmly entwined with hers?

What's you story? How did it begin?  How did you come to be a storyteller? 

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