Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sorry About That...

I had planned to do more author interviews, but real life and my writing have gotten in the way. I plan to get back to them later. Meanwhile, I'll try to put together another list of mini-reviews soon.

It's also been limiting my visits to other blogs. I miss reading all of your lovely posts. :-(

There are a lot of meaningful goings on in my writing life at the moment. Among them are:
  • New critique group--In late September I took part in one of WFWA's workshops. This one was all about Critique Groups. The express purpose of the workshop was to get us all on the same page when it came to critiquing and assigning us to groups. Now I get the excitement of reading three new friends' work. Check out Kristena Tunstall, Jeannine Everett, and Jess Ferguson's blogs.

  • Editing of FRIENDLY FIRE--And as always, I'm working on getting a complete manuscript together for my WIP FRIENDLY FIRE. Currently, I'm working on a huge hole in Part 2. Send good vibes my way, why don't you?
So, if you've got some spare time to lend me, I'll jump on it. ;-)