Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Friends and Old

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As much as I love a quiet day in which to write, I can't imagine doing that and only that. Truly, it takes connections with the rest of the world of writers. For that I'm blessed to have many options and opportunities.

One of the groups I'm a member of is the Women's Fiction Writers Association (founded 2009). I've mentioned my genre group many times here, but I could go on and on. Once I found my genre home and we formed, I found resources and workshops, but more than that, I found friends and cheerleaders who help me and allow me to help them. This group is international, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a few in my general area.

Jody Herpin, Emily Carpenter, Melanie Logan, and me
Last Saturday, a few of us in the Atlanta area got together for lunch. What fun! We found time to check in with each other about our writing journeys. Even though, I was an hour and a half late because of road construction and a wreck. (That's Atlanta traffic in a nutshell--even on a Saturday!) There's nothing like sharing the battles and victories with others of your tribe. Here's to you, Emily Carpenter, Jody Herpin, and Melanie Logan. I'm just sorry that the other Atlanta area writers--Kimberly Brock and Monica Cox--couldn't be with us for lunch. We talked, talked, and talked some more about our writing, and books. The fact that I'd missed Emily's BURYING THE HONEYSUCKLE GIRLS, has been remedied. (Once a book pusher, always a book pusher. ;-) Be sure you check out these talented ladies sites, too!

Long before I even know Women's Fiction existed and that my stories were included, I joined the CompuServe Books and Writers Forum. I know I've talked incessantly about this group that calls itself the "longest-running literary cocktail party" on the web. I can only thank Diana Gabaldon for introducing me to this marvelous group. It's within the welcoming membership that I've found fellow writers willing and able to teach and critique me. The Writers Exercises folder is worth a ton of $$$ and it's free! The only requirement is that you dive in and share your ideas and hints.

From the ranks of the Books and Writers Forum, I met sixteen friends who live all over the globe. Collectively, we're known as the SOC. and we share critiques, suggestions, and serve as a sounding board for all things story. But far more than that, we share acceptance, love, and genuine concern. It's not just writing that keeps our little group hopping. ;-) I love you one and all! 

Don't think that you'll be sentenced to solitude if you become a writer. Seek out genre connections, writers groups, and other like-minded souls and get those stories going!

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