Sunday, March 28, 2010


~~What a lovely beginning this spring is making! Our daffodils, hyacinths, and pear tree are blooming. The cherry tree is close to popping out in all its glory. Here are a few photos to help you forget our long, cold, snowy winter. ; )
~~The experts are saying the pollen season has gotten off to a slow start and the levels they are seeing are about three weeks behind the usual pattern. If you are like me, you couldn't care less. Bring on the lovely and leave the tiny miserable specks behind. Unfortunately, one takes the other to exist. Just enjoy it before the hard part comes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Been a Good Week...So Far

~~How's this for a good week? On Sunday night I gave the long awaited talk at church and sold eight more books and on Monday night I was interviewed for a TV show. Tuesday I got to see the DVD of the show and WOW! It's good!
~~The talk Sunday night was titled "Devotional Worship" and related my ideas for active reading of scripture. It is the process that led to An Easter Walk. Since my active reading takes the form of writing, the rest, as they say, is history. I also have learned the connection of devotion and worship. We usually think that the two words have very different meanings--one is private and the other a group activity--but actually, the two words are defined by each other. So, my talk revolved around both and how to create active, productive quiet time. The group who heard it was very complementary. When I asked John if he thought the program went well, he said, "Of course!" like he couldn't imagine me thinking otherwise. ; ) My mother agreed.
~~The interview was for the program, "Reach Out and Touch" that is produced by my friends, Faye and Gene Agan. Their program is part of the line up on the Unity Broadcasting Network. UBN is based in Boonesville, Mississippi and has several affiliates in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Missouri. Along with their standard broadcast, UBN is an online entity as well. My interview will air online and on the network on Tuesday March 30 at 2 PM. Check out on that date if you have a chance. Unfortunately, the program is not archived, but the Agans kindly gave me a DVD of the finished product. If I say so myself, it's good. John agrees. I also have permission to copy the DVD for sell at book signings if I wish. Faye and Gene are good friends, don't you think? By the way, we plan to do other programs in the future. Can Christmas be far away? Not if I get A Christmas Walk is ready in time. ; )
~~So it's Wednesday and I'm waiting. Just what other good things can happen this week? Your guess is as good as mine. ; )

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Want Me to Talk!?

~~Okay, I asked for it, but preparing to do a presentation is different than writing. ; ) I'm speaking at my church on Sunday March 21 about An Easter Walk. The program will also include how to make Bible reading more fulfilling. It's the very process that created my Easter devotions to begin with.
~~I started this as a challenge from my pastor Steve Davis. He challenged us to prepare for Easter and Lent for as long as we prepared for Christmas and Advent. My answer to the challenge was to read all the scriptures about Holy Week. As I read, I began to slow down and really respond to the words. Writing my responses became short devotions. I then researched the traditions of Lent and found the length of forty days. I had no clue if I would find forty topics to write about. Guess what? I did. As I wrote, I realized I was being led to share the devotions with others. And that's how An Easter Walk came to be written and published.
~~I'm currently writing a companion volume, A Christmas Walk. I need twenty-nine devotions for a full-length Advent season plus Christmas Day. At the moment, I have no clue what will be in the last four or five. Somehow I think the source of the forty Easter devotions will provide. Isn't God good?
~~If you are interested in a copy of An Easter Walk, click on the picture of the cover to the right. The link will take you to my website. Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Snowing--Again

~~I remember winters like this one. When I was little, we had snow off and on several times a winter. But it's been years since its been like this. Droughts and warm winters have been the norm for at least ten years. The last year we had a big snow was 1993 and the blizzard. Now, winter 2009-2010 will go down as a big snow year. It's snowing again today--March 2. That's four this winter.
~~This winter will go down as a cold, snowy one. All I know is, I love it. I love watching it snow. I love thinking about it in the forecast and I know many of my fellow Southerners agree--snow is fun. We're just thankful that it goes away quickly and we can get back out and into the warm again. In fact, we are expecting the temperature to rise quickly. Sunday should be above 60. I foresee sitting on the deck basking in the sun--the deck that is covered with snow at the moment. ; )